I Was Schooled in L’s – Part 3

Excerpts on Francois from my Journal  2017-2018 Without even trying, but due to my lack of discipline, I became a mistress. And I struggle with that. Francois didn’t tell me he was married in the beginning; but now, I know. I try to tell myself that we’re having a good time, but that’s not true.Continue reading “I Was Schooled in L’s – Part 3”

The Ultimate L: Losing the Love of My Life

Flashback to 2016, pt. 1 Today, I picked up my journal in an attempt to get my creative juices flowing and to write more stories. I prayed, “God, please allow me to land on a page of a story that needs to be told.” I knew not where my hands would wander. When my spiritContinue reading “The Ultimate L: Losing the Love of My Life”