Turning L’s into Lessons

Maybe it has something to do with being a former teacher, but the greatest education you can get in life is through experience. Much like the trees and countless peaks in this photo, lessons are doled out in the abundance, and can seem like losses if you’re not prepared to learn from them.

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Healing in Action: Father-Sized L’s, Part 2

I’m grateful that I responded and didn’t react. That’s growth. For the first time in my life, I didn’t respond in anger. I listened. I listened to my father say these things about me, and I was able to come to peace with the fact that I am finally choosing myself. If my father wishes to be stuck in his ways, so be it. I don’t need to be present in his life to continue witnessing his self-destruction and willingness to make everyone else miserable. There’s no peace in that relationship.

Let’s Dig – Uncovering Father-Sized L’s, part 1.

In later years, I would ask my father why he’d make such a choice. I grew up looking at photos in my grandmother’s house – our school photos sitting side by side and thinking, how could he ever deny me when I looked just like him? My father says this was never actually a thought of his – He says he made the decision because he was doing what I now know absent father men to do – continuing to deny his responsibility – now in the financial sense, and to make the woman out to be the offender.

I Was Schooled in L’s – Part 2

Francois sat across from me, staring into my eyes, as if trying to find the perfect lie he could craft that would make me believe him. My eyes rendered pain and frustration. He dropped his head to stare at his twiddling thumbs.


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